Can’t Decide What Tattoo To Get?! This Shop Will Help You

A tattoo shop in Dallas is offering a solution to customers who don’t want to agonize over what design to get inked — random tattoos from a vending machine.

At Elm Street Tattoo, ink-seekers put a coin into a vending machine, turn the knob and get a plastic bulb with a tattoo design inside. Whatever the design is, that’s the tattoo you get. And it only costs $100.


“They’re all good ones — old-school snakes, devil heads,” a shop employee named Boogie told the Dallas Observer.

Boogie also said customers are getting a bargain.

“All of these tattoos I would price out between $160 and $180 … maybe $250,” he added.

But if the design that comes out is not to one’s liking, they can get another spin at the machine for an extra $20.


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