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This is why Nike lost Steph Curry!

It all went awry at a pitch meeting where Nike was trying to get Curry to re-sign with the brand. ESPN, quoting Curry’s father Dell, reports that an executive misstated Stephen Curry’s first name. Then, a PowerPoint presentation still featured Durant’s name–likely from older materials that were being reused for the Curry talks. “I stopped […]

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$24,000 of weed found and returned!

A Washington Goodwill donation center received the most generous of contributions over the weekend. The nonprofit’s employees, sifting through weekend donations, found a gifted cooler was filled with 3.75 pounds of marijuana. Employees called the Monroe Police Department, in Monroe, Washington, outside of Seattle, to report the herbal find. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer said officers haven’t found who […]

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Marriage proposal gone wrong!!!

This dude had covered everything, from specially selecting a ring, to leaving a sign for his bride-to-be on the ground. But as the couple looked for the message they’d left down below, the adorable moment took a nauseating turn. Just as Darrell reached into his pocket to present the ring, his travel sickness got the […]

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Man dies from downing Tequila!

A 23-year-old man died after he drank an entire bottle of tequila in one sitting to win a bet at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic. The man, identified as Kelvin Rafael Mejía, won $630 from the bet before he lost his life, Fox News reported

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