Dangerously Low Temperatures Could Crack Your Phone From The Inside

As the price of smartphones continue to increase, the need to protect them has become a necessity. While most folks know excess sunlight can do damage to the system’s software, frigid temperatures can also cause harm to your device.

“It can just get depleted and not take a charge anymore,” Joshua Waters, owner of Mr. Mustache Phone Repair tells New York’s Pix 11. “It’s almost the same as it overheating if you leave it out in the sun in the summer time at over 140 degrees.” Dropping your device can leave you with plenty of cracks in the screen, but so can leaving it in the cold.

“If you leave your phone in the car there’s the possibility that you can freeze the LCD in your phone, the liquid crystal and if it’s cold enough, the LCD freezes and it’ll actually crack,” Watters added. Plenty of third party stores can fix cracked screens for roughly $130, but keeping your phone at room temperature could save you a pretty penny.

Celluar safety regulations have been a hidden health topic for years, especially when it comes to human exposure and limits of radio frequency (RF) and radiation. In the past, researchers have suggested keeping cell phones in your pocket, but the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), have warned owners to keep cell phones away from your pockets and the skin to ensure that they don’t exceed the legal Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

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