Ikea Is Offering a Discount to Pregnant Women

Swedish company IKEA continues to push the boundaries of what a furniture store can be.

Now it’s not only a place to eat delicious meatballs and buy affordable kitchen storage, it’s also here to let you know when you’re pregnant. IKEA is encouraging customers to pee directly on a new baby crib ad, to see whether or not they’re expecting. If the test is positive, the mother-to-be will get 50 percent off a brand new crib. Who knew coupons and life-changing news would ever be so linked?


The furniture company paired up with Mercene Labs to create a pregnancy test that works on the surface of paper. At the bottom of the ad, there is a designated strip where the expecting mother is supposed to pee. Truthfully, it seems like it would be nearly impossible to pee on that strip without soaking the rest of the paper, but for a steep deal it’s worth a shot. A few minutes after the pee successfully makes it to the strip, the discounted price of the crib will appear under the original price, confirming that a mother is indeed with child. Of course if you already know you’re pregnant, the pee-soaked ad works all the same. Just make sure you sign up for the Ikea Family discount service before taking it to the store.

The ad, created by the agency Åkestam Holst, is currently running for the first time in the Swedish magazine Amelia. It might seem degrading or simply unnecessary that women should need to pee on things in order to get affordable and stylish baby equipment, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s doubtful that IKEA will be verifying the holder of every urine-soaked sheet, so if you’re a generous pregnant woman with a full bladder, go ahead and spread the wealth by peeing on a bunch of these bad boys and distributing them at your next book club meeting. You’re welcome.