Jennifer Lopez Says It’s Over With Alex Rodriguez… #CriscoKiddBlockParty

Jennifer Lopez says it’s over with Alex Rodriguez IF he does one thing!

During her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, she revealed the one thing that may end their relationship. She explained how she and A-Rod work out together and she can’t help but feel super competitive… “I’m so competitive in every way. I don’t know, something inside me, I’m competitive. When we work out I think, ‘I can beat you,’” she said of her man. “We never challenge each other side-by-side. Like, if we go to UCLA, and we’re doing the stairs or something, in my mind, I’m like, ‘I’m killing it.’”

“Here’s the thing, he just doesn’t even entertain my delusions,” she explained. “Like, I’ll say, ‘Babe, I feel like I could beat you.’ And he’s like [straight face] There’s no winning that because if he beats me, it’s over!” she added with a laugh!

Watch the video: