Kevin Hart’s Daughter Offers To Call His “Boss” So He Can Take Time Off From Work

There’s no denying that Kevin Hart’s daughter wants the best for him, even if it means calling his “boss” to get him out of work. The 38-year-old comedian posted an adorable text message from his 12-year-old daughter, Heaven, on Instagram Friday (July 14) where she basically forbid him from working while he’s sick.

“Dad this is not a joke,” she wrote (in all caps, no less). “[You] need your rest and if your boss says [you] can’t rest let me talk to him.”

The tween also worried about his illness getting worse if he didn’t get in the habit of taking time off. “You need to learn when to stop.”

Hart was clearly overjoyed by the love from his baby girl. “I’m sick as hell but this message from my daughter made my day,” he captioned a screenshot of the text message.”I love this little girl with all my heart. She said ‘let me talk to your boss’ Honey daddy is the Boss….I can’t wait to get old and have this little girl yell at me.”