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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Tag”

This is the, hard to believe, true story, of a small group of friends that for one month every year, compete in an unrestrained game of tag. The game has lasted since their childhood days and they’re willing to risk everything to keep the game going.  This time, however, the game just happens to take […]

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Tino Cochino Radio Video Air Check

We put together a video aircheck for TCR and we want you to check it out! “Tino Cochino Radio is the definition of personality driven radio!” – Pat “DJ Grooves” Cuellar | (KTFM) Energy 94.1 Program Director | San Antonio, TX Topical and relatable on-air content combined with engaging, original video content, has lead to […]

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53% of Millennials Fully Expect to Be Millionaires Someday

  We make fun of millennials for being entitled and clueless.  Which isn’t really fair.  Or maybe it IS fair.  Because a new survey talked to over 1,500 Americans between 21 and 37.  And 53% said they fully expect to be MILLIONAIRES someday. This next stat might be even MORE unlikely though.  The average millennial […]

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