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Distractions while driving.

The Most Common Distractions When We’re Driving I’m about to tell you about distractions while you drive, so pay attention.  And yes, I get the irony of that. A new survey found the most common distractions for people when they’re driving. And the four most common ones are:  Eating or drinking, 45% . . . […]

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The Hangover bus?!

Hangover Heaven is the first and only medical clinic dedicated to curing hangovers, whether it be from alcohol, stress, or life in general.  They have treated over 30,000 hangovers. Their treatments center on B12 shots, IV B and C vitamin replacement as well as IV hydration. They offer a Myers’ Cocktail, which is a combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, […]

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Mary J. Blige Announces… #CriscoKiddBlockParty

After thirteen studio albums, it’s safe to say that Mary J. Blige is a respected veteran in the game. Showing no signs of slowing down, Mary recently announced via Instagram that her forthcoming album Strength Of A Woman will be dropping on April 28th. The album looks to be a personal one, her first since […]

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Fetty Wap, Willie Maxwell

Fetty Wap’s Crew Apparently… #CriscoKiddBlockParty

Fetty Wap got his chain snatched by a long time rival’s crew last weekend leading to Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas’ arrest. Later, the altercation led to a shootout and TMZ reports that Fetty’s crew are the ones who shot first. According to the website, only their shots landed. Reports state a crew member possibly suffered a […]

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