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KIMYE are getting North…the BEST. GIFT. EVER! Find out WHAT!

  New Idea, an Australian tabloid are reporting that KIMYE are getting North pretty much the best gift EVER. Ladies and Gentlemen…remember coloring books??? Barbie Dolls?? Oh no, not enough for Kim and Ye’s baby!!! They are considering buying a PRIVATE ISLAND so that their 17 month-old can have her very own AMUSEMENT PARK. This […]

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Khloe Kardashian Posted Up This KKK Post On Instagram !!!

Khloe Kardashian is catching heat for re-posting up this KKK Instagram post. She seen this meme going around and decided to make fun of herself by re-posting it with the caption, “True.”   Should she have known better or are people overreacting? It’s not like the meme wasn’t circulating around already..

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CLICK to find out who is STARRING in the LATEST Celeb Sex Tape!

NEW CELEBRITY SEX TAPE ALERT!!! Who did it now? Iggy? Rihanna? Nope. This time, it’s for the ladies. In particular, the USHER FANS!!!! You like his sexy body? His dance moves? His voice?! Well, ladies. It’s out there. A sex tape with his x-wifey Tameka Raymond. Back in 2010, someone broke into Usher’s car and […]

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