Marlon Wayans Tweets “Racist” Photo?

ALRIGHT so people are upset at Marlon Wayans today!!! Why?! Because he was at the Beyoncé and JAY Z “ON THE RUN TOUR” concert and he posted THIS pic with the caption: “Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert… This (b****) dancing to AC/DC.” […]

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Chris says HE dumped Karrueche…Find out WHY!

YESTERDAY TMZ reported Karrueche Tran’s side of the story. Today it’s Chris Brown’s. The two officially broke up…and Koochie’s camp said it was because Chris never stopped partying and that the LAST STRAW came when Chris supposedly liked two pic on Instagram of him and Rihanna. So Chris’ story is this: he found out that […]

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Beyonce & Jay Z SEEM Happy at Non-Paparazzi Ridden Event!

The Carters still look an act like a HAPPY COUPLE–even when paparazzi cameras are not around!!! Jay-Z – Shawn Carter and Beyoncé attended his mom’s grand opening celebration of her new restaurant Diamondz N Da Ruff. They showed up for about 15 minutes for the ribbon cutting and that’s it. Sources say Bey and Jay’s […]

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Find out WHY Karrueche broke up with Chris Brown!

Apparently Karrueche Tran not only ENDED her relationship with Chris Brown….she also changed her number to keep him away!!! A source told TMZ that the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Chris liked two photos (uploaded by fans) of him and Rihanna together!!!!!! ^^OH HELL NO!^^ Also on the list of issues: the […]

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Justin Bieber gets Orlando Kicked out of a Club!!!

A bunch of celebs are still partying in Ibiza—and new to the list: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian!!!!! And with Justin Bieber too. Justin must have won the Orlando Bloom vs. Bieber Brawl because only ONE of them was let in that night..and it was him. Orlando was turned away…. In the house: Diddy, Jared […]

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