Katy Perry Donates $5K to Help Fund TLC’s New Album 

Katy Perry just proved how big of a fan girl she is by donating $5,000 to the Kickstarter campaign for TLC’s final album. “A BIG Special THANK YOU 2 @katyperry for her pledge to our #Kickstarter Campaign!“ TLC’s Tionne “T-Boz“ Watkins wrote on Twitter. “Your [sic] awesome!“ Perry’s donation came a day after TLC announced […]

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J-Lo: Don’t Call me a Cougar!

Call her hot. Call her sexy. Call her a MILK. Call her basically anything you want, and Jennifer Lopez will be cool with it. She isn’t down with ONE label though…and that’s COUGAR!!!! During her appearance on Ellen, the 45 year old mother of two said she takes offense to that title: “I hate that […]

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You wont believe what Kris Jenner lets KYLIE do with Tyga!

This cannot be real. I get trying to be a “cool mom,” or understanding of your daughter’s relationship. But as some point, you have to MOM-UP and be hard on your kid. is reporting that Kris Jenner is allowing Kylie’s boyfriend 25 year old Tyga SPEND THE NIGHT at their LA home. WTF. “Kris […]

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