Bruce Jenner Worries About Hurting His Family in New 20/20 Promo

In the latest promo for his 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner expresses concern about protecting his family. “I can’t let myself hurt them,“ the former Olympian, 65, declares. The father of six adds that his kids are “the only ones I’m concerned with.“ Bruce Jenner: The Interview will air Friday, April 24, on ABC […]

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Migos Arrested On Gun, Drug Charges In Georgia

Just a little more than two months after six concertgoers were stabbed at a Migos concert in Albany, New York, fans of the Atlanta trio suffered more mid-concert drama when two of the “Versace” MCs was arrested on Saturday.   Full Story: Photo:  Facebook

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Just Released – Trailer#2- “The Fantastic Four”

While the first trailer for “The Fantastic Four,” FOX’s brand new take on Marvel’s first family, played heavy on the foreboding and light on the superheroics, the second trailer gives up the goods… And some of the bads, as we get our first (brief) look at the team’s arch-enemy, Doctor Doom.  

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ESPN Reporter Suspended for Berating Tow-Truck Company Employee

Earlier this month, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry got her car towed and was none too happy about it. After showing up to retrieve her vehicle, she told a tow-truck company employee, “I’m in the news, sweetheart. I will fking sue this place…I’m on television and you’re in a fking trailer, honey…with no education, no skill […]

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