Bruce Jenner Refuses to DENY he’s going through “A Change”

  If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck…right?! So everyone in the WORLD is saying Bruce Jenner is going through a transformation to become a woman…yet Kris keeps denying it. Quack, quack! Here’ the interesting thing: there’s been NO DENIAL of this from Bruce himself. A source close to Kris is saying that […]

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Mario Lopez Lost His Virginity at WHAT AGE?!?!

Should I be shocked? Maybe not, because NOW people are losing their V card WAYYYYY younger…..But it’s still surprising to know that Mr. A.C. Slater AKA Mario Lopez lost his virginity SO YOUNG!!!! Just ONE DAY before he turned 13 years old, that is. Here’s a pic of him at TEN so you can see […]

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Justin Bieber is going to get ROASTED on Comedy Central!

I’m not going to lie, I’m setting my DVR via cell phone RIGHT NOW for this. Justin Bieber is going to be Mr. Roasted on Comedy Central come March 7th!!!! Ryan Seacrest broke the news on Twitter yesterday saying: “Yes, I got confirmation. Justin Bieber is getting roasted by Comedy Central in March… love u […]

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