The New Snapchat Feature…is CRAZY!

I think the new feature on the beloved Snapchat app is BAD NEWS… They have announced a new feature called Snapcash which will allow people to link their CREDIT or DEBIT card to their accounts. The point–you can now “send money to your friends.” The worry on my part: people PAYING for nasty pics. Anyone […]

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Wendy Williams Responds to Aaliyah Biopic HATERS!

Kim Kardashian REALLY tried to “Break the Internet” with her cover of Paper Magazine…and YES it was popular. But the REACTION to Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic was INSANE. Timbaland ALONE posted like 20 memes! The hate was palpable…for the casting, the music, the singing, the STORY…EVERYTHING !!!! But, well…it was also a MUST WATCH…even if it […]

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KIMYE are getting North…the BEST. GIFT. EVER! Find out WHAT!

  New Idea, an Australian tabloid are reporting that KIMYE are getting North pretty much the best gift EVER. Ladies and Gentlemen…remember coloring books??? Barbie Dolls?? Oh no, not enough for Kim and Ye’s baby!!! They are considering buying a PRIVATE ISLAND so that their 17 month-old can have her very own AMUSEMENT PARK. This […]

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