Pee-Proof Underwear For Women

At some point, we have all laughed so hard that we have peed in our pants. Regardless of age, our beautifully imperfect bodies sometimes have a mind of their own. Believe it or not, one in every three women of all ages have pretty regular light bladder leaks – you are definitely not alone. Icon undies, the sister company to Thinx (who brought us period-proof undies) have developed underwear that can replace bulky panty liners and eliminate leakage discomfort.

I have to be honest, my initial thought was – adult diapers, no thanks. But with four different styles — hi-waist, hip-hugger, bikini and thong, they are all pretty cute and extremely soft.

How does it work exactly? Icon undies consist of four ultra thin fabric layers:

Moisture-wicking layer: fast drying inner lining so you don’t have dampness after a small leak.

Absorbent layer: high-tech fabric that doesn’t expand or get bulky as it absorbs liquid.

Anti-odor and antimicrobial treatment layer: all natural components that keep you smelling fresh and feeling clean.

Leak proof layer: a moisture barrier that protects your clothes from getting damp.