Peep What Inspired Cardi B’s Hit “Bodak Yellow”

Cardi B reveals the process of making the song of the summer. The Bardi takeover has been real!

The summer definitely belongs to Cardi B as her hit “Bodak Yellow” has not only taken over the charts, but it’s taken over everything. The weekend belonged to Cardi also as she performed the song for the weigh in at the MayweatherVs. McGregor fight and at the pre-show of the MTV VMAs.

Now Cardi has sat down with Billboard to take us behind the scenes of her making the hit. Cardi wanted to do a song to stunt and show that she was in a good place in her life. She revealed that she wrote the song on an airplane and was mad hype every time she wrote a lyric.

Her main inspiration for the song was all of the hating azz b-tches that she didn’t like and all of the ones that talked sh-t about her.

Cardi says that when she was recording the song, she knew that the song was going to be big. She also explained that she feels it’s important to drop a hot song in the summertime because it’s the biggest time of the year to flex. Cardi wanted you to feel the song in your soul.

The song did well as it hit the Top 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Do you feel like it’s a “true quality hit” or did “Bardi” get lucky?

You really can’t even hate on Cardi’s success as she is definitely LIVING right now. The song is everyone’s guilty pleasure right now because it’s infectious.

Do you think she can make another hit?