T.J. Miller Was Arrested for Calling a False Bomb Threat on a Train

T.J. MILLER was ARRESTED Monday night by the feds . . . for calling in a fake bomb threat on a train. And it sounds like he did it just to get back at another passenger. Here’s the deal:
Back on March 18th, T.J. was on a train from D.C. to New York, when he called 911 and said there was a woman on board with a bomb in her bag. But he gave police the WRONG TRAIN NUMBER.
So authorities stopped the wrong train . . . which was in Connecticut at the time . . . yanked everyone off, and sent in the bomb squad. They didn’t find anything, so they contacted Miller, who was in New York at the time.
He described the woman as having red hair and a red scarf, and said she was acting suspiciously, and seemed to want to get off the train and leave her bag behind.
The cop thought Miller was slurring his speech, and asked if he was drunk . . . or mentally ill . . . which he denied.
When officials determined what train Miller had been on, they met it at the nearest station and inspected it. Again, it was clean.
But the attendant on Miller’s car told them he had downed several drinks during the ride, and was already intoxicated when he boarded in D.C. In fact, they had kicked him OFF the train because of his condition.
But before that happened, T.J. was involved in several, quote, “hostile exchanges” with a woman in the same car.
After speaking with the woman and the attendant, investigators determined Miller made the whole thing up just because he was mad at her.
T.J. was charged with a FEDERAL CRIME for making a false report. It carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. He was released yesterday morning on $100,000 bond.
T.J. was on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” until he parted ways with the show last year . . . supposedly due to his issues with drugs and alcohol. You’d also know him as Ryan Reynolds’ bartender buddy Weasel in the “Deadpool” movies.
He was also THE star of the cinematic masterpiece that was “The Emoji Movie”. And he was the voice of a glob of mucus in commercials for Mucinex . . . but he lost that gig not long after he was hit with a sexual assault allegation.
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