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Chris Brown Drops Over $350k for Bulletproof SUV

Chris Brown is now rolling like a real-life Dark Knight in a customized SUV that makes the Batmobile look like a soccer mom van. Chris dropped more than $350k for a Rezvani Tank — and it’s bulletproof. Chris isn’t looking to test this in the real world, but the Tank can withstand multiple rounds from automatic […]

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Woman Arrested for Trespassing at Rite Aid Claims to be Rihanna

According to law enforcement … a woman was busted last week at a Beverly Hills Rite Aid, and didn’t have any ID on her. When cops asked her for her name, she said it was Robyn Rihanna Fenty … which is Rihanna’s government name.When cops asked her for her birthday, she said it was February 20th, which is Rihanna’s birthday. The woman made one mistake though — she said she was born in 1986 … but Rihanna was born in 1988. Obviously, cops knew they weren’t dealing with the real RiRi, and the woman was cited for misdemeanor trespassing.

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Tino Cochino Radio Video Air Check

We put together a video aircheck for TCR and we want you to check it out! “Tino Cochino Radio is the definition of personality driven radio!” – Pat “DJ Grooves” Cuellar | (KTFM) Energy 94.1 Program Director | San Antonio, TX Topical and relatable on-air content combined with engaging, original video content, has lead to […]

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