TCR Best Week Ever


Best Week Ever (Episode 17) 

featuring John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Jeremy Piven

Best Week Ever (Episode 16) feat Lil Jon & Donnell Rawlings

Lil Jon made a quick stop by the TCR studios before his DJ Set at Maya Day & Night Club in Scottsdale, AZ and we had him take over our weekly video skits! Needless to say, we got some gold!


Best Week Ever (Episode 15)

Guess what we can’t stand this week. Nicasio is the grossest human being alive. Jackie strips. Tino can’t keep it up. Laurel vs Yanny. Enjoy.

Best Week Ever (Episode 14) 

feat Gabrielle Union

Did you know Siri has a filthy mouth? Why do dudes spit? Is Destiny’s Child making a comeback? Why does Gabrielle Union think Tino looks like an R&B soul singer?