The Ten Best Cities in America to Live In….


 A new study ranked the best cities to live in.  And they looked at a BUNCH of different factors, like cost of living . . . crime rates . . . how good the schools are . . . how nice the weather is . . . and even how long the average commute takes.



According to the results, the best city in America also happens to be one of the biggest college towns . . . it’s Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the University of Michigan is.  Here’s the full top ten.



1.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.


2.  Naperville, Illinois, just outside Chicago.


3.  Arlington, Virginia.


4.  Columbia, Maryland, outside Baltimore.


5.  Berkeley, California.


6.  The Woodlands, Texas, just north of Houston.


7.  Plano, Texas.


8.  Overland Park, Kansas, just outside Kansas City.


9.  Boulder, Colorado.


10.  Irvine, California.  About 45 miles southeast of L.A.