Woman Fired After Giving Trump the Finger in Viral Photo

When the opportunity to hit the neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief with a beautifully presented middle finger arises, don’t ask questions. Flip that bird with pride.

Juli Briskman recently did exactly that while cycling next to Trump’s begging-to-be-flipped-off motorcade in Virginia, resulting in a photo that fittingly went viral.

Speaking with the Huffington Post over the weekend, Briskman revealed that her employer fired her over the gorgeous, frame-worthy photograph. Though Briskman was not on the clock at the time the photo was taken, government contractor Akima LLC still decided to show Briskman the door by claiming she had violated their social media policy when she understandably made the bird-flipping photo her profile picture. None of Briskman’s social media accounts list or otherwise mention her employer, she noted.