Cardi B’s Security Team Attacks… #CriscoKiddBlockParty

Cardi B and Offset were leaving a post-Gala function when at around 2 am, a man who proclaimed to be “an autograph hound” started begging for Cardi’s signature. Seeing the man persist in spite of being told that she didn’t intend on stopping to engage him, Offset cut in to warn him off. “Shut up, bro, before a n***a beat you out here,” he allegedly told the man.

Suddenly, the victim (who has identified himself as Giovanni Arnold) got bold and began to taunt Offset and his people. After a minute or two of Arnold’s heckling, three bodyguards emerged from the SUV and within moments, he was on the ground being pummeled by a hail of fists and feet.

Arnold was transported to a local hospital where he was checked out for neck and back pain and determined to be in stable condition.

Check out the video:

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