Chance The Rapper Goes Undercover for Charity

Over the weekend Chance The Rapper took on the task of being a Lyft driver to raise money for charity, Lil’ Chano partnered with the driving company for the Undercover Lyft series in support of SocialWorks’ New Chance Fund.

During the trip, Chance picks up passengers wearing a beanie and shades to mask his identity. He mentions his best Chance jokes and asks about their favorite hip-hop artists.

“Together, Lyft and I have been giving back with Round Up & Donate for SocialWorks’ New Chance Fund,” Chance said in an opening statement. “Now, we’re having some fun in my hometown, Chicago, as I go undercover as a Lyft driver. I hope this video encourages even more folks to give back just by taking a Lyft.”

Chicago riders are able to contribute to the cause by rounding their ride to the nearest dollar, which will go towards the Social Works.

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