Snapchat Brings in Over 400,000 Voters

When Snapchat first launched, it was all about sending 10-second pictures to your peers and sharing your life’s moments. Now, the platform does so much more including something that people might find rather difficult, which is getting young individuals to vote.

For Snapchat, that task wasn’t complicated at all, as they brought in over 400,000 registered voters (18 and older), according to The New York Times. This started at the end of September, and they also sent out a video message to users to promote participation. The app made this feature a two-week plan in which they added a button on the users profile that led them to a voter registration website, which is TurboVote.org. What better way to attract young adults to vote than on one of the most popular used apps?

Photo From CNET.com

When a user is directed to the website, they are asked a few questions. Next, they are directed to state and local elections to make it official. Snapchat hopes to improve the historically low voter turnout of young individuals. Other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, are also trying to motivate voters to register ahead of the November midterms by sending out reminders and partnering with TurboVote. – @AngelBoomin

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