Taraji P. Henson Creates Nonprofit Organization For Black Mental Health

Photo from Today Show

Taraji P. Henson is stepping up for the black community by creating The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to motivate African-Americans to discuss about mental health in the community.

The organization came to mind for Henson when her son struggled with mental health, after his father passed away back in 2003. She then named the organization after her father who passed away in 2005.

Henson mentioned that the “misconception about celebrities that [they] have it all together and [they’re] perfect.” Henson said that’s not the truth. “We’re suffering and struggling just like the regular persona and money doesn’t help,” she continues. “I thank God I can pay for the psychiatry bill but it doesn’t necessarily take away the problems.”

The first event the organization hosted was a fundraising event which allowed guests to purchase personal clothing and items owned by Taraji. All of the money raised will reportedly go to bringing art to inner-city schools’ bathrooms.

Learn more about The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation here.   – @AngelBoomin

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