In Movie Theaters This Weekend…

JUMANJI:  This was a nice surprise.  I was hoping it was going to be good, and it was.  A brand new story that picks up years after the original Robin Williams version, that even pays a nice, simple, tribute to Robin.  Great cast with laughs all the way through.  Personally, Jack Black was my favorite in this one.

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN:  I’ll start this one with WOW!!!  This wasn’t what I expected, it was better.  From beginning to end I was entertained with acting, singing and dancing.  This is probably one movie you might not think too much of before you see it, but definitely one to see this weekend.

I, TONYA:  To be honest when I heard about this one I was not excited to see it at all.  Matter of fact I almost skipped it, but really glad I didn’t.  Turns out this is one of my favorite movies this year.  Margot Robbie and Allison Janney are amazing.  Mix that with an incredible funny and ridiculous true story… this is one to watch, indeed.

DOWNSIZING:  I was hoping this one was going to be really good.  From the trailer it looked very intriguing.  However, it lost me pretty quickly.  Story wasn’t as exciting and funny as I had hoped but I liked what they were trying to do.  The best this about this one was the performance of Hong Chau.  This is one to see, only if you’ve seen everything else.

PITCH PERFECT 3:  Personally, I liked the first two films and had high hopes for this one, even though I didn’t really know why they needed to make it.  And although I didn’t hate it, it really didn’t have the same appeal as the first two.  It did have a few good laughs, but that was about it.  This is a farwell tour the Bella’s probably could have done without.





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