In Movie Theaters This Weekend

Red Sparrow:  Starring Jennifer Lawrence as Prima ballerina Dominika Egorova who, after a tragic accident, turns spy, in what is probably one of the better mystery, thrillers out this year.  It is definitely one film that didn’t hold back.   So much so that it will either be too much for you to take or wanting a lil bit more.  I was one who wanted more.

Jennifer, to me, is one of those actresses who can get you to really buy into the characters she plays.  Except for her barely there Russian accent, she makes this character believable.  Going, throughout the film, from seductress to ruthless in the blink of an eye was pretty awesome.  Mix that in with a pretty crazy story, with a even crazier ending, I think this is one movie goers will like.  So I’m saying that, this weekend, Red Sparrow is A Must See Movie.

Death Wish:  Bruce Willis is back but, unfortunately, not in a good way, as Dr. Paul Kersey.  After his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and daughter (Camila Morrone) are attacked, Paul seeks revenge on the ones who committed the crime while at the same time become a local vigilante/hero.

I will say that the action in this one got better as the film went on.  However, that wasn’t enough to make this one any good.  I never believed, Bruce’s character, when it came to being sincere.  It just seemed kinda forced.  The whole film was that way.  Although I liked seeing Elisabeth Shue on the big screen again I just wish it would have been in something much better than this.  For a mystery, suspense film it really wasn’t that and Not A Must See Movie this weekend.

The Vanishing Of Sidney Hall:  Starring Logan Lerman as Sidney Hall, Elle Fanning, and Blake Jenner, this is one I was really looking forward to.  Sidney is a bestselling author who wrote a controversial novel based on the death of one of his high school classmates.  After the success and fame arrive, Sidney eventually loses everything else in his personal life.  Then, because of it, he disappears without a trace.

Logan, I like him.  He’s done some pretty good work in other films and this one as well.  It was a very interesting story, but also pretty sad.  The thing I had a hard time with this one was that I felt like they made his character too achieved. On the New York Times Best Selling for several months, famous that women wanted him.  Granted it plays into the story line, it just seemed a lil much for my liking.

Now where the story goes and the outcome of it all was very nicely done.  I never lost interest and just as I would wonder if they were ever going to come back around to resolve something from earlier in the film, they did, making me very pleased with this one.

If you want to see this one, definitely make the time, I think you’ll like it.  It’s playing exclusively in the Valley, this weekend, at the AMC Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix.


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