In Movie Theaters This Weekend

The Magnificent Seven:  For a while now I have been saying that I wish a studio would put out a Good Ol’ Western.  And my wish came true.

This movie is exactly what I hoped for.  There was plenty of shoot em’ up action, fun dialog between the seven, intriguing seriousness and a great cast.  Honestly, you cant go wrong with a Denzel Washington movie when he’s at the lead.  Chris Pratt’s humor was, as you’d expect, really funny.  And Ethane Hawk… well this is probably the most I’ve like any of his more recent performances in a while.

Did I mention Peter Sarsgaard makes a pretty good bad guy???

Although the story seemed a bit familiar, like they pulled from other classic westerns, but that in no way takes away from how much I enjoyed this one.

So this weekend take the time to see it because I’m saying this is a Must See Movie.


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