In Movie Theaters This Weekend: “War For The Planet Of The Ape’s”, “Wish Upon”

WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES:  In this 3rd film, Caesar (Andy Serkis) and the apes are forced to battle an army of humans led by a crazy Colonel (Woody Harrelson).  As the struggle continues and more apes die Caesar begins his own journey to avenge his ape family.

Now I haven’t been the biggest fan of this series of films but one thing I did recognize is that, for me, they have gotten better each time.  And with this one I finally able to make emotional connection to the characters and the story.  Probably because Andy Serkis, once again, did an amazing job bringing to life a very powerful leading character.

Caesars inner battle within himself to use his darker instincts the way Koba did.  At the same time being a strong and compassionate leader even when the apes lose faith in him.  So we had an emotional guantlet going on throughout this one.  We also got some really great action that I think fans will really like.  And even though I personally didn’t care too much for the previous films, this one has ended the series on a high note… making this one A Must See Movie this weekend.


WISH UPON:  Years after witnessing her mother’s suicide, Clare (Joey King) receives an old music box from her father Jonathan (Ryan Phillippe).  When Clare learns, from the inscritions on the box, that it will grant the owner 7 wishes.  Even though she knows the good things she wishes for herself are coming true, she also realizes that bad things are happening arounded her.  However, she isn’t willing to part with her new and much improved life and that leads to a dangerous path. 

I’ll be the first to say that I really look foward to watching a good horror flick.  I think most people don’t mind a good scare that will keep them up at night or just sleeping with the light on afterwards.  And even though I’m not much for the bloody and gross type of scary movie I’ll give them a chance.

This movie actually starts off well enough.  I did squint my eyes a couple of times but as the movie went on I found myself laughing out loud instead of covering my eyes.  This movie, based on 7 wishes, quickly had me wishing that it was over.  And the idea that it was left open for a sequal… What???

I know movies like this have their built in audiences but if I could do you one favor, it would be to tell you to save your money and wait for something better because this is definitly Not A Must See Movie.


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