Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Disaster Artist”

Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) become friends after meeting each other in an acting class in San Francisco. Hoping to make it in Hollywood, Greg moves to Los Angeles and agrees to appear in Tommy’s project. Financed with his own money, Tommy writes, directs and stars in “The Room,” a critically maligned movie that becomes a cult classic.

This is one of those movies that from my first viewing of the trailer looked very interesting.  And when I finally got to see it, I was amazed.

For me, James Franco, is a hit or miss actor.  Fortunately this one is a BIG HIT.  It was funny, with some serious moments, and intriguing the entire time.  He was spot on with recreating this real life person who I think many would believe can’t be true.  Until you actually see the real life Tommy.

This is probably the best film that I’ve seen James in and that includes is nominated performance in 127 Hours.  The Disaster Artist lives up to all the great hype it’s getting and is A Must See Movie.

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