Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Predator”

They are the most lethal hunters in the universe.  Now, they’re deadlier than ever, using DNA from other species around the galaxy.  Returning to Earth, again, a motley crew of, not right in the head, ex-soldiers, led by sniper Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) and biologist, Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) must prevent the end of the human race.

One thing I always appreciate about an action flick, is when it actually has action.  And this one does.  They didn’t play around with it either, getting pretty graphic a few times.  Add to it the band of brothers sense of humor and you should’ve had yourself a movie worth watching.  The only really problem, I think, is the story wasn’t very focused.  Because they went heavy on the action, they sacrificed real substance with the story they were trying to tell, making all that action and humor a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Usually any movie that has Olivia Munn in it is awesome, however, this time I just can’t give it a pass.  And that’s a shame because The Predator has a great cast and it could and should have been better.

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