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march, 2022

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The Food for Life: African American Culinary Heritage curriculum is a free plant-based nutrition and cooking program developed by the PCRM.

The culinary heritage of African Americans is rooted in a history of survival and triumph. During periods of migration out of the South descendants of enslaved Africans in America spread their food traditions to many regions in the United States and sparked an evolution in American cuisine. The African American culinary tradition commonly referred to as “Soul Food” is as broad and diverse as the African American community that gave birth to its rise. Many of the dishes and meals that Americans enjoy today were developed in the pots and pans of those descendants of enslaved Africans. This program will:

● Celebrate the ancestral ties of West African foodways that were brought to the United States through the Middle Passage and the culinary traditions developed by African Americans throughout their history in the United States

● Honor the culinary traditions of descendants of enslaved Africans in America and their migration and culinary evolution to regions outside of the South

● Explore plant-based adaptions of various Soul Food dishes

● Highlight African American foodways in a way that may illuminate their broader historical and regional influences

Each class in the series will present a different meal, from breakfast to dinner, and recipes for special culturally connected gatherings.

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This curriculum is intended to inspire and empower healthful eating for the purpose of preventing and arresting chronic diseases disproportionately affecting African Americans by connecting us to culturally relevant recipes.



Month Long Event (march)

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