Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

Adventure Land
New Amusement Ride Park designed to bring thrills and chills to all ages Families, Kids, Mom and Dad Grandparents and couples

Only Amusement parks especially built for all ages while combining a zoo element. The only type of park in the Valley

Family Roller Coaster is going to have hoof stock and primates

Zip Line Monkeys Primates

Thrill ride for the entire family

Excite not terrify
From first time riders and to seasoned thrill seekers
Steel Family Roller Coaster offering the smoothest ride.
Smile on all family faces Kids to grandparents
Trilling Drops Custom layout 35 feet tall grade 1 passenger train
Brand new, fast blue, smooth and drops or angles

Zip Line
Tower a 100 feet high Goes over Buffalo, Miniature Donkey, Deer and Monkies
Bucket Seating for two (Not a harness type seating). . Very safe safety belt electronically controlled won’t go unless it is fastened
Made for everybody kid’s to grandparents
2 people at a time
Go in reverse

FLYING SCOOTERS™ Soar to new heights in The Flying Scooters. Surrounded by Macaws. Largest Parrots from South America. The Flying Scooters are designed with a McCaw on the side) Board the flying vehicles and rotate faster and faster around through the sky Control your own flight of the vehicle with your own personal rudder Flying Scooters bound to bring a smile to all ages. No matter your age you will feel like a kid again

You’ll be catching a ride screaming with excitement.

VERTIGO-Swing Ride
The Vertigo new spectacular attraction- Swings around multi Islands ( 2 Monkey Islands)

A giant swing tower that spins riders over 100′ above the ground while seated in swing style seats.

Vertigo engages the thrill seeker and fun for the entire family

ANOTHER NOTE: Az Central ( most prominent publication and website in the market) Rank number 2 in the Readers Choice Awards for the best family entertainment in the Valley

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