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Jennifer Lopez Serenades Ex-Boyfriend In Front Of New Lover! #JuiceWithJulezz

Jennifer Lopez’ partner Alex Rodriguez and her former boo Diddy were both attending the last All I Have show and watched her perform. Diddy, who dated her between 1999 and 2001, got a little more attention out of the pair according to some of the attendees’ perception.

He was serenaded by the singer while Rodriguez watched it all go down from the stage’s wing. One of them recalled the event.

“Jennifer saw Diddy in the crowd and sang to him. She seemed to be performing with a wink and a nod to him.”

“At one point, she shouted out Diddy’s name so the entire audience knew he was there.”

Still, JLO remembered her current lover’s presence. “Then she screamed out Alex’s name too. So she was very aware her ex and current boyfriend were both in the audience.”

Full story: https://bit.ly/2OqaGcu

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