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Snoop Dogg Just Had His Mind Blown! #JuiceWithJulezz

Unc Snoop is convinced Drake low-key made his “In My Feelings” song with Kanye West‘s wife Kim Kardashian on his mind!

In a new video, Snoop doesn’t hold back on trolling Ye over Drake allegedly referring to Kim as KiKi.

“I just found out who KiKi was. KiKi is your b*tch. That’s why you’re so mad. Because Drake put d*ck in your b*tch. He did, huh? Drake, you a cold n*gga, cuz. I like that song but I ain’t know why I liked it. Now I know why I like it. ‘KiKi, do you love me? Remember sucking me?’ Yeah, he put d*ck in your b*tch. How about that? KiKi, you b*tch, you. He f*cked KiKi down, didn’t he, good sh*t Drake. Did you pour champagne on her? Did you give her a little d*ck or a lot of d*ck? KiKi. Do you love me? You b*tch you. Say you’ll never me. But you did for that n*gga. That’s who KiKi is for real?”

LOL y’all gotta watch the video: https://bit.ly/2RRqVhG

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