A Guy Sprays Himself Down with Brake Cleaner to Deal with a Bug Infestation, and Blows Up His House

We don’t KNOW this person was on meth, but all signs point to yes . . .

A guy outside Houston wanted to, quote, “decontaminate himself of bugs” that were crawling all over his body on Tuesday.

But instead of a quick “how to” search on Google, he came up with his own ‘life hack’ idea that involved spraying himself down with brake-cleaning fluid.

It’s not clear if the brake cleaner killed the bugs . . . or if they were really there to begin with.  But once he was coated in the stuff, he tried to vacuum the bugs off of his body.

And unfortunately, he didn’t realize the brake cleaner was extremely FLAMMABLE.

A spark from the vacuum ignited the fumes, causing an EXPLOSION that blew out a whole wall of his doublewide trailer.

He was seriously injured, and cops haven’t been able to ask him a lot of questions yet.  But they found a bunch of empty brake cleaner cans in his house.  And they think drugs or alcohol may have played a part in his decision-making.

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