A Guy Tried Burger King’s One-Cent Whopper Deal . . . and Wound Up Getting Charged $1,100

If you haven’t heard about this, Burger King is offering a deal where you can get a Whopper for ONE CENT . . . if you order it on their app while you’re at a McDonald’s.

That’s a great deal . . . for everyone except this guy.

A guy named Boyce Harvey in Los Angeles tried to take advantage of the Whopper deal, but for some reason it wasn’t working right.

And somehow, instead of charging him a penny for the Whopper . . . he found out the app had charged him $1,093.91.  And that meant he overdrafted his account.

He complained to Burger King, and they say they’re going to work with him to figure out how he got overcharged by $1,093.90.

By the way, if you’re wondering if the “order a penny Whopper at McDonald’s” campaign is working for Burger King . . . it REALLY is.

After they announced the deal, their app went from about 400th most downloaded in Apple’s app store to number one in the span of a week.


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