A Man Was Seriously Injured When He Was Shot by His Own Booby Trap

You know, not EVERYONE has the skills to booby trap their house like Kevin in “Home Alone”.

There’s a 69-year-old guy named Edwin Smith in Cleveland County, North Carolina who set up several booby traps to protect his house . . . including a shotgun that was set up to FIRE if someone opened the backdoor.

And on Monday morning, someone DID open the backdoor.  Unfortunately for Edwin . . . it was him.

He’d gone outside to feed some squirrels, and when he opened the backdoor to go back inside, the gun went off and he took a shot to the right arm.

He called 911 and told them, quote, “I blew my arm off” . . . and he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.  There’s no word on his condition.

We have to assume it was the first time anyone was hit by one of his booby traps, as he had a pretty vivid warning sign posted on his property.

It says, quote, “Stay the hell out . . . all you crack heads, meth heads, heroin users, drug dealers . . . oh and no illegal aliens too!”

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