A Woman Is Arrested For Beating Up a Man Using Her Boobs

Anything can be a weapon if you use it right.

This happened back in January, but the details just came out now.

In January, a 46-year-old woman named Jennifer Chapman from Ocean Park, Washington got into a MAJOR argument with one of her male relatives.  We don’t know their exact relationship, we just know they’re related.

Anyway, Jennifer was trying to take some of his stuff out of his house and yelling at him in front of his brother and nephew.

At one point, the guy said to her, quote, “You’re putting on quite a show.”  And Jennifer said, quote, “You want to see a show?”  Then she took off her SHIRT and her BRA . . . and she charged at him, BOOBS FIRST.

He tried to dodge her, but she whacked him with her breasts, and he wound up hitting his head on the wall.  Then she rubbed her breasts on the guy’s brother and his nephew . . . and ran outside and peed on the driveway.

She was arrested for assault and was due in court last week . . . but she no-showed, so now there’s a warrant out for her arrest.

She’s looking at up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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