A Woman Is Busted For Embezzling Money to Pay Back the Money She’d Embezzled at Her Last Job

I’m thinking it’s going to be hard for this woman to get a THIRD bookkeeping job.

44-year-old Tina Rae Levrant-Delgado from Salt Lake City was busted on Monday for embezzling more than $134,000 from the spa where she’s worked since 2014.

And why did she embezzle the money?  To pay the restitution . . . from ANOTHER embezzlement charge.

Yeah, Tina worked for a property management company from 2009 to 2013, and she stole around $170,000.  She was convicted of communications fraud and theft, and ordered to pay it back.

So . . . she used the money she took from her next job to do it.

Now she’s facing three new felony charges for embezzling from the spa.

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