Couples Are Now Going to Therapy For Help Dealing with Their In-Laws

If stand-up comedians from the ’80s taught us anything, it’s that there’s NOTHING worse than dealing with your in-laws.  Well, that and men never putting the toilet seat down.  But we’re going to talk about the in-laws thing.

Apparently, more and more couples who don’t really have any problems with each other are going to therapy . . . to get help dealing with their IN-LAWS.

Peter Pearson is a relationship coach in Menlo Park, California.  And he says about one out of FIVE couples who see him now are there for help with in-law issues.

There are two main types of problems:  Someone’s jealous of how much time their partner spends with their family . . . or someone doesn’t get along with their partner’s parents.

Every situation is different, but Pearson says as a general rule, it’s GOOD to get your in-law problems worked out before the tension grows too much and causes big problems.  Because, quote, “Most of the time, it does not get better” on its own.

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