Millennials Are Way Worse Than Their Parents at Basic Tasks Like Sewing or Home Repairs

Sure, our parents are better at doing things like fixing the car or hanging wallpaper than us . . . but have you ever seen one of them try to use Snapchat?  It’s like watching a donkey trying to do calculus.

A new survey found that . . . unsurprisingly . . . millennials are way worse at a lot of basic jobs around the house than their parents.  Here are a few examples . . .

1.  60% of millennials can sew a button, versus 93% of their parents.

2.  55% can fix a blown fuse, versus 90% of their parents.

3.  34% can cook a meal from scratch, versus 57% of their parents.

4.  62% can check the tire pressure on their car, versus 77% of their parents.

5.  And 51% can hang wallpaper, versus 68% of their parents.

Why?  The people who ran the survey think it’s because people are living with their parents into their 20s and sometimes their 30s . . . so they don’t have to learn how to do that stuff around the house.

And also, schools are focusing less on classes like home ec or wood shop and teaching things like coding instead.

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