The President of Uganda Asked Kim Kardashian What Her Job Is

 KIM KARDASHIAN is super famous, and is worth about $350 million.  But apparently, there are some places on Earth where they’re not KEEPING UP with her.

Kim and KANYE WEST were in Uganda yesterday . . . and they met with President Museveni.

A “source” said Kim told the President she couldn’t stay long, because she had to get back to work.  Then, the President ASKED HER WHAT HER JOB WAS.

Kim said she had a TV show with her family, and they were waiting for her to get back.

By the way, Museveni gave Kim and Kanye UGANDAN NAMES . . . Kanye is ‘Kanyesigye,’ which means ‘I trust,’ and Kim got ‘Kemigisha,’ which means, quote, ‘The one with blessings from God.’

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