There Are Only 11 States Where Hot Dogs Are More Popular at Cookouts Than Hamburgers

There are going to be MILLIONS of pieces of meat slapped down on grills tomorrow.  And apparently, most of it will be cow meat . . . not whatever animal meat goes into cheap hot dogs.  Pig?  Squirrel?  Raccoon?

Walmart tracked their sales during the past four weeks to figure out what people are buying for their summer cookouts.  And here’s what they found . . .

1.  Hot dogs are only more popular than hamburgers in 11 states:  Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Every other state buys more burgers.

2.  There’s not a single state where mustard outsells ketchup.

3.  There are only 14 states where coleslaw is a more popular side dish than potato salad:  Alaska, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.



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