Bow Wow is to NOT be taken serious…

The Internet just won’t let Shad Moss, affectionately known as Bow Wow, catch a break. Many have decided that the rapper-actor’s latest attempt to “stunt on ‘em” is merely just a stunt.

On his Instagram page, Moss posted a video his friend took of him getting chased down the street by fans, who were screaming “Bow Wow, We love you!” He starts off with a jog of sorts, before starting to run and scream “oh sh*t!”

“On tour and im still getting chased #runni**arun,” he wrote in the caption along with several laughing emojis. He also wrote that he “thinks he pulled something.”


The World Wide Web has had a very difficult time believing what the “Shortie Like Mine” rapper posts to be true. Crissle of “The Read” podcast wrote that with his latest stunt, Bow Wow is “blatantly seeking validation from a bunch of people who do not care.”


Earlier this year, Moss was clowned mercilessly on social media after taking a picture on what he says what a private jet, only for someone to take a picture of him actually seated in coach, just like the rest of us plebeians. The deception sparked a hilarious Twitter trending topic, #BowWowChallenge.

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