Eric Bellinger responds to Nicki Minaj negativity!

Bellinger stated that he worked with Polow da Don and Da Internz to craft the track, but Nicki apparently tweeted (then deleted), “There are only 2 producers on #Anaconda ~ Polow Da Don & Da Internz. No one else should be out here doing interviews about it. #ThirstyAss.”

That message from the Young Money rapper did not sit well with Bellinger. In an interview with XXL, he expressed his belief it was unfair for Nicki to deny his contribution to the hit song.

Bellinger said:
“I’m never gonna try to take credit for something I didn’t do so for her to be angry that I spoke on it is one thing, but for her to try to take my credit away for being there from the night before ‘til the sunrise, I definitely don’t think that’s fair. I was upset at first but now I look at it like whatever’s meant to be will be. I’m not trippin’. I got so many other songs coming out, it’s like, OK cool, you wanna trip? God got me.”

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