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Millennial women have more debt, but better credit than men

A new Lending Tree survey of nearly 1,000 Millennial men and women found a gender divide within that generation on debt and credit.

“Millennial women had much higher student debt, credit card debt and just debt in general with an average of more than $68,000 compared to $53,000 of debt for Millennial men,” the FOX Business Network’s Tracee Carrasco said.

On the other hand, Millennial women’s credit scores were better, suggesting that they may be more responsible in paying down that debt.

According to Recon Capital Partners CIO Kevin Kelly, the statistics on college attendance support the disparity between Millennial women and men’s student debt.

“We’re seeing that play out, that more women are actually enrolling and going to four-year schools and getting their college education – I mean I think it’s somewhere around 52% to 48%.”


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