Nas Reportedly Claims Kelis Won’t Let Him Spend Time With Their Son

Nas and Kelis are reportedly having trouble sticking with a custody arrangement over their 8-year-old son. According to a report published by TheBlast.com on Wednesday (Nov. 30), Nas accuses his ex-wife of only making time for visitation “when she deems it convenient for her.”

In the reported docs, Nas allegedly claims that Kelis has been inconsistent, and will got months without scheduling time for him to spend time with the boy.

But the 44-year-old rapper has come up with a solution. Nas reportedly proposed a schedule that will allow them to rotate custody of the child every other weekend. In addition, the Queens native has requested that the boy spend mother’s Day with Kelis and Father’s Day with him, in addition to rotating holidays and the child’s birthday between even and odd years.

The court has not yet ruled on the potential custody schedule.

Nas and Kelis tied the knot in 2005, and called it quits in April 2009. Their divorce was finalized the following year.





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