Postman Busted With 1,200 Pounds of Undelivered Mail in His Garage

Nearly every country in the world shares the same gripe: the postal service. There’s always the same complaints—lost packages, customs charges, or just unbearably slow service. There are still some things you just have to do via snail mail, like sending out tax returns or returning packages bought online, and you have to at least be able to trust that the mail will get to its destination eventually.

Residents of Vicenza in northeastern Italy have now lost that trust, after the bizarre discovery of almost half a ton of undelivered mail was found in the most ironic of places: a postman’s garage.

The massive stash of mail—totaling 1,261 pounds—has been named the biggest seizure of mail in the history of Italy, the New York Daily Newsreports. The postman had allegedly been hoarding the pieces of mail for the past eight years, and it included all sorts of things: utility bills, bank statements, old phonebooks, and even political propaganda mail from the city’s 2010 elections.

The postman, 56, has been arrested, but no motive has been reported. However, with a crime this weird, it’s probably best to not know the reason behind it.

Since mail getting lost is not so unheard of that you’ll report it to the police, the whole strange scheme was only discovered when a recycling center reported receiving 25 large yellow containers full of mail. Somehow, that led police straight to the rogue postman’s garage in Vicenza.

The best part of the story is that the remaining pieces of mail will now—finally—be delivered.


Via Complex.com

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