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Snoop Dogg was all set to perform in Bulgaria to raise cash for kids in war zones — at least that’s what the charity org thought before sniffing out what it believes was a $360,000 scam.

Krasimir Dachev — a rep for Bulgarian nonprofit Peace for You Peace for Me — filed a lawsuit against Brandon Allen and his company, Rich America. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Dachev says Rich America claimed it could deliver Snoop and Britney Spears for a 2016 benefit concert.

According to the suit, the promoter demanded fees totaling $360k just to secure a date and start negotiations. Dachev says Allen sent a video he claimed was Snoop shouting out the concert. It’s obviously NOT the D-O-double-G … but Dachev says they bought it.

Dachev says they feared fraud when Rich America tried to trade out Brit for someone named Natalie LaRose, and Snoop backed out. They asked for a refund, but Dachev says Allen told ’em to kick rocks.

To be clear … the REAL Snoop had nothing to do with this.

Peace for You Peace for Me wants a big piece of Rich America — it’s suing for the lost $360k, plus more than $2.5 mil in other lost expenses.

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