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WHAT IN THE WORLD!? Future The MJ of Rap…

Future has certainly had the wave, the sound, the hype, the following, the albums, but I wouldn’t say he is or ever will be the MJ of anything.

As you know, super producer Zaytoven and Future have had an incredible working relationship together over the years.

In a recent interview with Sway in the Morning, Zay compared Future’s creative process and output to that of the legendary Michael Jackson.

“In rap right now, Future is almost like Michael Jackson to me,” said Zaytoven!

Zaytoven clarified his comment by explaining that Future reminds him of Michael Jackson with the speed that Future is able to put out high-quality music.

What’s funny is the fact that sometimes with or without clarification, some folks can’t even get past the idea of even having Future and Michael Jackson’s name in the same sentence. LOL.

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